How To Get Real Followers 5000 In Just 7 Day


Getting real followers 5000 in just 7 days is easy, and you can quickly boost your account by reading this guide.

Are you excited about getting the real followers 5000? I think Yes because here we told you the same great methods and tactics that work.

Recently, we add the post How To Get More Likes On Instagram? and lot’s of the people’s share and told me it’s an excellent article.

It is an excellent article because we told the best methods for getting likes quickly.

But I analyze most of the people’s also looking for Instagram followers, and that’s is the main reason why I am writing this article to get real followers 5000.



(Note: These tips and tricks working on all of your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c.)

Getting the first real followers 5000 is tough because people can’t follow the fewer followers’ accounts to comparison with the high number of followers accounts.

Fact: After archive the 5000 followers, you can easily increase more followers because these numbers are looking good, and people’s love to follow established accounts.

5000 Followers give you the best engagement in all in one account and mostly on Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook works worst at this time and supposes you have a full engagement 5000 follower page, so I think you can only reach a maximum of 800 people because of Facebook Algorithm.

If you use these followers for your video page, so it’s works excellent because videos give you massive engagement, so always try to upload the videos on Facebook.

So now, let’s begin and see the full guide of getting the 5000 Followers in just 7 days.

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Create 35 Stunning Images

You can create the 35 stunning images on the viral topic related to your account.

For example, you run an e-commerce store accounts, and we know Happy New Year will be coming soon, so trying to create the New Year related 35 images for use in the post.

Always remember, you need to create the images on Trending topic and also they related to your account industry.

After creating the 35 Awesome images, prepare these images for uploading the post.

You need to add these 35 images in next seven days that means you need to upload five posts per day because of 35 ÷ 7 = 5

The timing of uploading these images is 8 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM, and the last one at 9 PM.

You can use this timing for the next seven days as well, so write this on any paper or bookmark this webpage in your browser.

Daily Follow 500 Verified Accounts

Now, Follow the 500 verified accounts (Who have minimum 500K Followers), that means the total number of accounts you need to follow in the next seven days is 500 × 7 = 3500 Accounts.

Tip: Don’t follow the more than 50 accounts at the same time. After following the 50 accounts, you need to wait for the 1 hour then will start this process once again.

If you follow more than 50 accounts at the same time so Instagram and Twitter both temporarily blocked your follow button, and If you are doing this once again so they will be permanently blocked.

I recommend you to try to follow and unfollow trick, that means you can follow anyone’s account and then unfollow because If you follow someone so your profile show on the top of the following section, so repeating this process your profile always stays on the top.

The result of this tip is If someone comes on your follow accounts, and when they click on the following section, so he shows your profile on the top, and it will also follow you.

Build The Best Connections With High Followers Accounts Owners

You can follow the best high followers accounts and then trying to create a batter connection with the owner.

You can add their account to your story, retweets of his tweets, and do many more things as possible you can do.

After some time, they will notice you, and they also promote your account.

Call Him To Follow Your Account

As you know If you request someone to follow your account so they can’t reject you.

You need to follow this step to tell him.

Just go to his profile and click on his post and write this to his post comment section.

Hi [Name]

I check your post, and it is looking awesome, and I am impressed with your account.

As you can see, we are new here, and I am looking for some followers, so I request you to please also follow my account.


[Your Name]

Now, wait for some time until they did not show your comment, and after some time, they will also follow you.

I recommend you to add this comment on 300 accounts daily for getting the real followers 5000 in next 7 days.

I know It is dull to work, but it works best.

Purchase The Followers or Hire Some Experts

If you don’t have time to manage your account so I recommend you hire an expert or Buy Followers because they will instantly provide you the best followers without wasting your time.

You can also use any other freelancing website for hiring the best freelancer such as Upwork, Fiverr e.t.c.

I hope after applying these tips and tricks, you can quickly get the real followers 5000 and many more in just 7 days.

Here is the task for 7 days.

  • Published 5 Stunning Images or Post Daily
  • Follow 500 Verified Accounts Daily
  • Build Batter Connections
  • Hire Some Experts or Purchase The Followers (Alternative, If you don’t have time)

As we already told you, this is the paid trick, and we shared with you for free, so please support us to share this post on social media. If you like our method to get Real Followers 5000 so please share on the social media website.

Final Words

You can try all the methods, and I hope it’s work for you, so you need to focus on your Ig, and you can easily earn free Real Followers 5000 in 7 days. If you face any kind of problem so do comment, we will help you to achieve more followers in fewer days.

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